#LOCKDOWN 2.0 – Lets Talk

Hi All, I am back again and welcome to the #DAY21 days of official #Lockdown1 which ended today to start the beginning of the new #LOCKDOWN-2.0 version extended up to May 3rd, 2020 officially by our Honorable PM Mr. Modi when he addressed the nation today morning at 10 am. However, I believe I am on #DAY30 (a month in lockdown) wooow an achievement for most of us who thought staying at home was only for weekends and weekdays have to have a running busy life. Kudos to all.

Starting yesterday we are celebrating the onset of New year in many communities across the country like Bhaishaki, Bihu, Subho Nobo Borsho & Vishu, and everyone is managing to celebrate it at their own homes with the safe premises and not doing any gathering or social celebration. People are maintaining all the strict norms of SOCIAL DISTANCING and are less complaining since they are daily getting updates on the rising nos of cases of COVID 19 and the new HotSpots areas been spotted by government. The Government and all the workers involved in fighting the deadly virus are working with full strength to flatten the curve and keep everyone safe and sound.

Modi Ji rightly said we have been taking strong measures before the pandemic hits our people like any other European states and now we are extending to make the rules more stringent and follow it because if now even one Case is a matter of deep concern for us after so much doing. So dot fail the Medical fraternity and all the Corona Fighters just be at home and feel safe and be safe and keep safe the entire country.

The 21 days of lockdown must have made you realize one thing that if there is life there is everything and we can survive with minimum movement too. We always thought of conquering the whole world with our huge leaps that we use to take daily and felt happy about it. Now we are confined to our homes and still, we are happy and content to survive and be with our families. The household chores which were the job of one maid is now distributed among each family member so that one person is not burdened and pressured to work. Tremendous gratitude for all the household maids who work daily to make our lives smooth and easy.

This lockdown has also taught us that sometimes if we don’t do anything then also we are happy our minds can be free form not thinking anything and just laze around. 24*7 its not necessary for it to work. Wooow what a discovery my mind can still be working when it is not working.

Many of you might have started a HABIT too as it said that it takes 21 days to make a habit and more 21 days to make it your lifestyle so now don’t leave that habit of yours just start making it your lifestyle. Modi Ji has given you that chance s don’t leave that kitchen of your tasty dishes, or that lovely garden that you started, or that exercise routine you tried every day to perfect, or that game you started teaching your kid, or that book that you took a still reached Chapter 9 of it (it’s me…) don’t leave it an unread book finish that now…you have more time dude.

April is a social month with so many people having birthdays and anniversaries and kids birthdays so now practice Social Distancing and see how best you can make it special for yourself (if it’s your bday) or for that important person whose bday you are celebrating. Leave the negativity of not reaching out to them dedicate that beautiful baked homemade cake to the person, lunch or dinner or drinks on that person name and just have a party…nothing can stop you when you are in an era of technology where technology is keeping people together rather than any physical self. Make that call pick up the phone record something special and share it with the world who has stopped you. Enjoy the day with your family notice the little things that they for you and to you. Appreciate Acknowledge Notice it you have plenty of time now Earlier in the hustle and bustle of your busy running life you might have noticed it but never felt it now feel it and say THANK YOU genuinely.

So till 3rd May don’t panic just change the mode of your conversation and have fun with whatever you are doing. Learn a few more skills and say you are now a master of all. My achievement in these 21 days of lockdown is that my household chores speed has improved so much I myself cannot imagine. I am less annoyed by my 24*7 on-call husband I am literally happy with him being on call in a room because either he is on a call or busy on his social media which I used to hate and when asked to do the dishes would through all sorts of tantrums (still I make him do it- qki ye Big Boss ka country hai and sabko kam to karma padega). What has surprised me most is my 4-year toddler who has become so understanding and supports me in all sorts of work that I do. He always asks “Mumma Aaryav ye kha le, ya TV dekh le, ya cycle chala le, niche nai Jana stay home” Kids must say are the best who gets adapted to all situations so easily and quickly hats off to them.

Now that I have already mastered my hands-on household chores and how to delegate work to all now I would start working on mastering my professional skills and learn something new for the next 21days. It is an advance extended Summer Vacation (schools closed till June) that needs to be celebrated at home with happiness and joy and not with negativity. We all have become habituated of staying in the comfort of our homes and should not complain there are many strangled on the road deprived of the basic necessity of a house and shelter (thanks to the volunteers and NGOs supporting them) we should not complain at all.

So get your gears intact and let’s change our conversation till 3rd May:

  1. From being sad to being happy and enjoying the fact that we are safe.
  2. Praise ourselves to have survived the deadly virus with complete healthy lifestyle.
  3. Maintaining proper hygiene in and out of your premises
  4. Letting the earth heal itself – the air is clean, water is clean, animals are free from all threats, jungles flourished, earth becoming light of all the vehicles & human activity
  5. Humans interacting with humans and not with their laptops and machines
  6. Binge-watching with the entire family and not alone in a room on the phone
  7. Learning new games to please and engage the kids at home
  8. Reliving the 90’s life and showing our kids how we didn’t travel so much to restaurants and malls still we were happy at home
  9. Learning new technology and learning new ways of working remotely.
  10. Learn the art of dressing up well while at home too as you step out to work (WFH doesn’t mean pajamas it means to be equally productive and dressing can make you feels and appear productive)
  11. Knowing your house corners better.
  12. Knowing your partner’s hidden talents (in case they have any)
  13. Appreciating each other’s company as a family.
  14. Being able to see others more often rather than months of not seeing each other.
  15. Interacting face to face and not through wats app messages or face time.
  16. Learning a New SKILL or a HABIT which you always wanted to but were pressed with time.
  17. From that fast-paced life adorn this 80’s 90’s life and just say HAKUNA MATATA to your mind as this too would pass away.
  18. Create stories to share with your future generations as to how you survived this Pandemic let them also know how strong you were rather than just complaining about the bad facility an weather and traffic you have good things too to say them.
  19. Life partners actually become life partners by doing a hobby together
  20. United how we can stand as a country show it to the world.

Always remember TIME shall pass away what you do in that Time frames your future and the present. What you want to give to your future generation would depend on how you behave act and react or respond now. So just stop, think and care for all and not cry over what losses you are making. Believe me, you will evolve a strong and much more composed human being once this Pandemic subsides and gets over you will be a different person altogether. there is a sea shift happening in society and I am excited to see that impact in the future are you.

Sharing a pic created by our cuties from society on awareness to stay home and get some positive vibes amidst the negativity around. They are kids from 8 months to 10 years and must say they have been really working hard for this.

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