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Emails have become and integral part of our Communication in the past 1.5 years. It always was however now it is although more important and impactful post pandemic with Work From Home, Remote Working, Digital Communication and Online Mode of Interaction. We all are communicating more via Emails, Messages, Chat rather than One on One Meetings or Communication

Thus Emails have become one of the most powerful tools which you should not ignore. Email Etiquette is a part of Business Communication & they play a crucial role in forming your Image & Personal Brand. Your Professionalism, your Image & Your True Self is depicted through an email. When people cannot see you they form an Impression about you and your organization through your Emails and Messages thus, lets make a positive impression on people.

Sharing my top 7 Email Etiquette which you should always remember

  1. K.I.S.S – Keep it Short & Sweet/Simple – Emails should be such that the entire message can be seen in one screenshot. It is not your PH.D thesis paper where you write everything (exception – the illustrative email or any email which requires in depth details). Please keep the email short crisp and simple for people to understand
  2. SALUTATION – Dont firget your Salutation, it is a matter of respect which you give to people. Dear, Sweetie, all these keep it for informal emails or message to near and dear ones. In case of Professional Email please stick to Hello or Hi. Use Mr., Mrs or Ms. if you are writting for the first time to the person. Please write the complete name of the person along with his or her Surname. Refer them with only First name when you know them well.
  3. SUBJECT – The Subject line should be very clear and crisp for the person to understand what this email is all about. Dont write your entire matter in the subject
  4. DOUBLE CHECK GRAMMER & SPELLINGS – Emails are the most formal communication that you do with your interna or external clients so keep it professional. Double check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Use Grammerly to assist you in your language check
  5. QUICK REPLY SYSTEM -You should dedicate a specific time to check all your emails and reply them. Dont keep sitting on your email and every email which comes up you start replying that ways your work gets disturbed. So fix a particular time slot twice or thrice in a day to reply to your emails. CAUTION : DONT reply to emails when you are angry or upset. if you feel angry or upset or irritated after reading an email or a conversation then refrain yourself from answering emails. Take a quick 5 min break, drink water, calm yourself down and then go back to answer your emails.
  6. BE COURTEOUS & CONSIDERATE – Always show courtesy while replying to emails. Do not use any rude or harsh words and comments in your email. It is a reflection of your personality. Be Considerate about the receiver too. Don’t always push yourself on the others. Keep it polite and use words like, Please, Thank You, Sorry, Grateful, Pleasure etc…which shows that you are courteous enough to request or confirm something. If you sound rude then the reader may feel offended which is not your motive. Being Polite takes no extra burden on you it just shows your perosna and perosnality as a humanbeing.
  7. USE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE – Use a standard professional language while communicating with your clients or internal employees. Avoid using emoticons, emojis, slamg, speaking language, shortforms, watsapp shortcut, millenials language in such formal conversations. Start the email with a courteous greeting and directly addressing the reciever. Don’t use ALL CAPS or acronyms like ASAP, PFA, RSVP etc. ALL CAPS is equivalant to being angry and shouting at the receiver so avoid and ALL CAPS EMAIL. If you want to make an important point highlight then do it in caps rest all use the writer format.
Emails an integral part of our communication. Pic Credit – Google Images

In order to manage a business effectively, sending emails is an essential part of the process. Try these quick hacks to craft a professional email and present yourself in a smarter and better way to potential and existing clients.

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