First Impressions

Your Never Get a Second Chance to make an EFFECTIVE FIRST IMPRESSIONS. So make it happen at the 1st GO.


You must have heard this qoute so many times in your life. Whatever you plan to do in your life, Get your Dream College, Date your Dream Girl / Boy, Crack your First Interview, Success in Your Professional & Personal Life, Get your BIG DEAL in BUSINESS, FIRST IMPRESSIONS plays an important role in getting everything that you want. It is the first stepping stone towards your success which makes peopel TRUST YOU, BELIEVE YOU and then BUY YOU (i mean your idea, thoughts or products). Creating an everlasting impression is an ART and you all can learn this if you want too.

These are the four important pillars of creating effective 1st impression – CLOTHING, GROOMING, BODY LANGUAGE & ETIQUETTE.

We would today talk about CLOTHING tips that you should keep in mind to create an effective impression. These tips are GENDER NEUTRAL. Let us check out the 10 Tips

Body Shapes of men
  1. DRESS AS PER YOUR BODY SHAPE – To Dress Smart it is very important to dress as per your body Shape. Yes Human Bodies are not fruits they are geometrical shapes. Be it Men or Women, Child, Teenager, Adult or Youth it is important to know what is your body shape and dress accordingly. Just dont wear whatever you have in your wardrobe. Bodies are geometric shape and either you ENHANCE a part which you think is the best part of your body and you want to flaunt it or you COUNTER those part of your body which are not so great giving the illusion of having the perfect shape.
  2. A PERFECT BODY IS AN ILLUSION – Yes dont fall in the trap of a number game. Your body is made of flesh blood and bones and not geometrical lines that you can give it the perfect number. A perfect body is an illusion which you create. Size ZERO or a 36-24-36 is just a given number which says that these sizes flatter. What you need is a balanced looking body which can be easily achieved if you know your shape and your clothes shape.
  3. FIT IS AN IMPORTANT ASPECT – To dress smart fitting is one important factor which you have to consider. If you want to look wooow and grab attention and eye balls, then you should have an eye for detail when it comes about fitting. An ill fit cloth can make the best of the bodies look shabby where as a good fit can help you gain that confidence in you can make you look chic and smart.
  4. KNOW YOUR MESSAGE – To dress smart and look the part you need to know what message you want to share with the world today. Do you want to say “I am Energectic, Happy, Enthusiastic & I mean Business today” or do you want to say “Oh its a lazy day, dont have energy, its okay lets things flow”, Do you want to be approachable, freindly, classy, amiable today or do you want to be authortative, strict, not interested today. Whatever you message is your clothing choices would differ accordingly.
  5. DONT JUST BLINDLY FOLLOW TRENDS – Trends & fads come and go in fashion industry. It is not important to just blindly follow everything in the trend and start buying things and stocking up. Know what is your perosnal style and invest wisely. Your Personal style consists of various factors which you need to understand and then go for trends. It is good to get inspied but dont copy blindly.
  6. ACCESORIES ARE AN INTEGRAL PART – Starting from your footwear to your hair accessorie severy element that you place on your body enhances or detoriates your look. You should be well aware of how much to overload or offload yourselves when it comes to accessories. Again for this you need to know your body shape along with your Face Shape too. Accessorising is Gender neutral subject so its not that only women or girls should know theor faceshape even the men needs to have a fair idea about their face shape.
  7. COLOR THERAPY – In dressing smart and enhacning your look the colors that you wear are also important. You must have notoced that some colors brighten up your entore look while others dulls you donw. This is all because Your Personal Colors either contrasting the clothing & accessory colors or they are complimenting them. Everyone can wear all colors only the amount in which they can wear and its placement on your body would differe based on your PERSONAL COLOR EVALUATION. COLORS have the power to heal you and make you happier and joyful inside out so dont ignore them so easily.
Right Message

Smart Dressing is not about investing in Brands & a Huge Wardrobe, it is all about how can you work and play around your existing invetory to become much more acceptable and wanted to self. Best way is to shop from your own wardrobe and create interesting outfits which can take you style game to a differnt level.

Bonus TIP : Get rid of things, feelings, relations in your life which are not helping you to ace up your Style Game. Because more than wearing teh rights clothes, footwears & accessories to look smart it is about identifying the right emotions, mindset and state of mind you are in which has direct impact on how you look and feel. Think about it.

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