Interview Ready Course- Soulful


At a time when more and more employers are hiring for “fit” and training for skill, the interview is more important than ever. Whether you are looking for a new job, moving up and around in your organization, hoping to join a board or land that committee position, interviews are always involved. Sure, interviewers want to know you can do the work, but they are also looking to see how you communicate, package your experience, tell your story, if you will work well with their team, if your values match the company, and more. In this workshop, you will learn how to impress in an interview from the moment you send your application to the follow-up email, as well as what we look for as modern hiring managers.

Learning Objective:

  • Identify best practices for the interview process for before, during, and after
  • Better package your story and experience in the interview
  • Demonstrate strategies to make you stand out every time.
  • Identify the most common interview mistakes and how to overcome them.
  • Construct answers to the most common interview questions and scenarios
  • Appearance Management
Public Speaking Course -Soulful


You want to communicate your thoughts to One person or to a crowd Public Speaking is one SKILL which can help you achieve Success and Fame quickly. Our Effective Public Speaking courses are designed to make public speaking a positive and memorable experience. Whether speaking at a conference, presenting at college meet, hosting a college fest, talking at social gathering, lecturing for the first time, or presenting at a company-wide meeting you will build your confidence to deliver impactful messages that maintain your audience’s interest. An Effective Public Speaking course will enable you to deliver more effective presentations and speeches that reflect positively on you and your organisation. Take an Effective Public Speaking course with Soulful Impression one of the world’s leading providers of Effective Public Speaking training courses.

Learning Objective:

  • How to prepare for public speaking
  • Creating a powerful structure
  • Using your voice effectively: diction, intonation, rhythm, and pacing
  • Using body language and eye contact to connect with your audience.
  • Dynamic language
  • Strategies for building confidence and combating anxiety.


If you think LinkedIn is a Job search & Job posting platform you are wrong, If you think it is a platform to sell your products and services then you are wrong. It is a platform where you build relationships and, in the course, you get your job, your sales, your profits, your clients. So, you are a CXO of a company, or a job seeker, or a recruiter, or a freelancer, or want to build your personal brand you must be in this Gold Mine platform called LINKEDIN. As all platform this too needs Optimization, and you need to DEOCDE the secret of LinkedIn.

Learning Objective:

  • How to edit your LinkedIn profile. You will see examples for each section of your profile: the background image, your name, your name in your LinkedIn URL, your profile photo, caption, about, experience, education, volunteer experience, skills, endorsements, recommendations, accomplishments, languages, interests, and more.
  • Why you should write postings at LinkedIn. How to write postings and to get thousands of views for your postings for free.
  • How to search for jobs.
  • How to send invite & get accepted
  • How to get Views & Likes on your LinkedIn
  • How to increase your Followers


Looking attractive is a basic human need. What most people do not understand is that it is not about what you wear but how you wear. Understanding your body shape and then the countering and repeating techniques to manage body variations is what makes one look attractive. Discover your Body & Face shape and wear clothes & accessories that make you look attractive and fits your shape and flatters your curves. To enhance our confidence through appearance and grooming knowing your body shape and face shape is important.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowledge of managing your body shape and variations effectively through clothing.
  • Choosing appropriate styles, colours, textures and patterns which suit your body type
  • Using the right accessories to create an attractive focal point in your attire.
  • Ability to create outfits with right garments to highlight your best features and counter the areas where attention is not needed.
  • Creating an ideal and attractive look for various occasions with right message
  • Saving your time, effort, and money in shopping for right clothes
  • Better returns on investment for your clothing spend.